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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to a Dr Sketchy event?

You can also bring any dry media of your choice- charcoals, pastels, pencil crayons, felt tip pens, fineliners etc, and fixative spray for chalk/charcoal. We have some space for easels at the back of the room if you wish to bring one. There is also a limited availability of power points if you wish to bring a laptop and graphics tablet or an iPad.
If you’re unsure please just email us in advance to discuss!

Please DO NOT bring wet or messy media such as oil paints!

Can I take photographs?
If you are a professional photographer looking for portfolio shots then the answer is no, we already have several photographers who take photos of each event.

If you’re an artist and wish to take photos to draw from at a later date we’re fairly lenient but generally encourage you to get in touch with our photographers after the event, they’re usually more than happy to let you use the shots they have taken as reference material.

I can’t draw, can I come to Dr Sketchy?
Everyone is welcome at Dr Sketchy! There is entertainment at each event in the form of live performances, usually burlesque, and you can enjoy food and drink at the bar. However do note that majority of time is given to timed poses for the audience to draw, which can be a little dull to watch if you are not joining in!
Most ‘non drawers’ who attend catch the art bug and end up picking up a pencil!

Is this a taught life drawing session?
Dr Sketchy Nottingham is an event, not a lesson, and has a compere rather than a teacher, we do not teach you how to draw at our events but do provide a unique opportunity to draw fantastic and unusual models that you wont find anywhere else in Nottingham!

How many models and performances are there?
At each event there are a minimum of 3 different models and 2 live performances.

How long do the models pose for?
Poses vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes which makes for a fast paced upbeat drawing session. As our models are performing artists, not professional life models, and often wear high heels and elaborate costumes, it can be difficult for them to hold longer poses that you might be used to in a traditional life drawing class so we keep the poses short and snappy!

Are there seats for everyone?
Our regular bi-monthly events are fully seated with tables provided.

Is there disabled access?
A lift is available to access the upstairs auditorium, for safety reasons a member of staff is required to assist all people who want to use the lift, either ask at the bar or on the reception desk, or email us in advance so we can provide assistance when you arrive.

Can I bring my own food or drink?
Our venue has a bar and cafe so please refrain from bringing your own food and drink.  Meals, snacks, cake and a varied drinks menu, including alcohol, soft drinks, and a range of teas and coffees (including decaff and herbal) will be available on the day.

I’ve never seen burlesque before, what should I expect?
Our performances and models vary wildly but you can expect to see ladies (and gents) in fabulous costumes of all kinds dancing to anything from jazz to rock ‘n roll.  Our audience is generally equal parts male and female and the atmosphere is fun, silly and upbeat with lots of cheering and wooping.
We believe in old fashioned, saucy good fun, not sleaze!

Our performers/models are never fully topless or bottomless and are never completely nude.  Expect to see a good dose of innuendo, a bit of striptease, shimmying bottoms clad in sparkly g-strings, corsets, high heels, stockings, pasties/nipple tassles and lots of glitter and feathers and glamour. Some burlesque performers are outright sexy, others are tongue in cheek in a ‘Carry On’ film sense, and we also feature singers, vaudeville and circus acts. If you’re still unsure and want to ask us about a particular show we’re always happy to answer your queries.

Can I bring my children?
Our events are strictly over 18’s only unless otherwise stated,
due to the license of our venue and the saucy content of our shows.